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"I've seen Dr. Khoo for last 7 years and have recommended her to all my friends. She delivered my last baby and planning to have her delivering our next one. She is a sensible doctor and was very caring when we nearly lost this baby and put me on progesterone. She is also wonderful about making sure you get the tests and results quickly. I've had friends go to her and finally be diagnosed for illness that their own doctors missed. Has also Saturday hours which is unheard of for a OB-GYN. We love her and would recommend her to any ladies I know."

- Sinead B., San Jose, CA


Dr. Khoo did my 2 major surgeries, as well as 2 other friends of mine. Dr. Khoo has been my OBGYN for 8 years. Over the years she has been great. I trust Dr. Khoo to my friends and family. She gets things done promptly, efficiently, and correctly - the first time! She is also a smart lady who always has a smile, and a mom who loves her kids too. I love Dr. Khoo!

- Gav L., Cupertino, CA


I've been going to Dr. Khoo for many years, and I've found her to be very helpful in making me feel comfortable about the annual exam process. Her exams are very expedient, and yet she's supportive, friendly, and will suggest an ultrasound or mammogram if she feels it is warranted. I think that trust is crucial in any patient/doctor interaction, and Dr. Khoo really works to build that trust. She also has an entire area devoted to pictures of the babies she's delivered, as well as Christmas cards and birth announcement cards from the families of her patients.

- Beth F., San Jose, CA

Starting Jan 4, 2021, we have new hours in Mountain View.
We have evening hours from 1pm to 8pm to accommodate the patients who need to be seen after hours.

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